Temporary – In a temporary work situation the worker is expected to leave the employer within a specified period of time. Temporary workers may work full-time or part-time. Temporary workers can be assigned to:

  • Fill in for absent employees

  • Fill a vacancy temporarily

  • Provide extra support during seasonal workloads or increased production

  • Staff special short-term projects

Temp-to-Hire Placements – In a Temp-to-Hire (aka Temporary-to-Permanent) situation companies and workers have the opportunity to evaluate each other with no obligation for either party. If both the employer and the worker agree that it is a good fit, the worker can be hired permanently.

Payrolling – In this unique co-employment situation CCS hires the company’s existing employees and assigns them back to the business. Outsourcing human resource functions provides administrative relief from the various employer related responsibilities that can bough you down.

Many larger companies prefer to do their own selection. Individuals identified by the company are run through our agency for the probationary period or just long enough to get through the hiring freeze or market slow down.

Payroll Processing Services – Payroll processing is available for those employers who require that their employees are paid under their employer numbers and checking account. Employers gather and submit employee information, we process payroll and generate timely reports including year-end W-2 forms. We have a “no penalties” guarantee!

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